Scope of Services

Scope of Services

Interfield has an established presence as a provider for the Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Light Industrial Sectors. Our professional services will be focused on the execution of the following type of projects:

  1. Site Analysis and Design (Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Design):
      • Site Planning
      • Civil Engineering
      • Site Infrastructure
      • Site Grading & Drainage
      • Hydraulic Studies
      • Mitigation
      • Detention / Retention
      • Earth Work
      • Pavement
      • Electrical Engineering (electrical substations, power distribution, etc.)
      • Mechanical Engineering (pumping systems, pumping stations, etc.)
  1. Facilities Design (Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Design):
      2.1 Engineering

        • Civil
        • Structural
        • Mechanical
        • Electrical

      2.2 Forensic Engineering

        • Evaluation of existing facilities
        • Failure investigation
        • Remediation Project
  1. Project Management
    • Management of project phases (design, and procurement)
    • Construction observation and inspection
    • Materials quality and quantity control
    • Cost Estimations, Cost Planning and Cost Control
    • Overall Project Planning and Control (execution time and execution costs)
    • Materials, and minor & major equipment procurement
    • Overall Project Management