At Interfield, we strive to deliver top quality products and services in the fields of engineering design, and project management. We motivate our employees to develop and apply their abilities and skills in order to enhance their careers. We constantly seek new administrative, technical and professional personnel to join our team.

Interfield’s success relies on training and developing, at all levels, the future leaders of our organization. We are committed to supporting high-potential employees to acquire the skills required for decision-making and leadership roles within the company.

Interfield serves its Clients through six (6) Strategic Business Units:

    • Architectural Design;
    • Civil/Infrastructure Engineering;
    • Structural Engineering;
    • MEP Engineering;
    • Platting and Land Planning; and
    • Inspections and Forensic Engineering.

If you are motivated to work with us in a challenging environment, consider becoming a part of Interfield. Whether you are a junior engineer, a college student, or a trained professional, we invite you to explore Interfield’s work opportunities and learn more about how you could reach your potential in a growth company.

Why Should You Join Interfield?

Interfield offers unique and rewarding opportunities for the right people. We developed a culture that nurtures autonomy and creative thinking and provides opportunities for individuals to excel in a collaborative, team-based environment. All Interfield employees become part of a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who provide the best and most innovative solutions to customers.

Here at Interfield, we always seek people who understand not only the capabilities of our technology but also understand how best to use their own abilities to achieve great results. If you are looking for a career with challenge and opportunity for growth, we hope you will consider Interfield.

Working at Interfield

Interfield values every individual’s background, and provides equal opportunities regardless of nationality, creed, race, language, gender, age, orientation or religion, and fosters positive relationships among all individuals. Hiring is only just the first step; we look forward for the training and career development of all our employees, sharing with them our core values of competency and commitment.

Our work brings an enormous responsibility — and we think it’s an honor to accept it. That’s why we require every member of our workforce to adhere to an uncompromising code of ethics, without exception. It’s why we’re committed to delivering projects on time and within budget. It’s why we maintain an exceptional record on quality and safety.