Interfield started as a consulting engineering firm in 1975. At the beginning, the company was engaged primarily in structural engineering on commercial and industrial projects. The company has evolved to include other professional disciplines, such as Architectural design, Civil, Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical engineering.

Interfield has had a successful record in these market segments because:

    1. We understand our Clients’ needs. We undertake a rigorous effort at the beginning of each project to clearly define project requirements and constraints, as well as variables that may cause project delays, cost over-runs and other problems.

    2. We clearly identify our Clients’ project design criteria and use documentation proactively to establish a clear understanding of project parameters.

    3. Budgetary constraints have created in Interfield a company culture that encourages value engineering in all decisions during the planning, design, documentation and construction phases. We understand that optimum solutions must be value-conscious.

    4. Market forces are very strong, and are sensitive to continuous change. This market dynamic has made Interfield a pioneer very responsive in its ability to produce creative and innovative solutions.

    5. Interfield has continued to acquire a keen understanding and in-depth knowledge of jurisdictional requirements as they impact project development.

Interfield is now offering its services to these sectors with the strong belief that the factors that shaped its successful performance can be used effectively to be an effective resource in these Market Segments, and will be in an expansion mode for a long time to come.


Key Factors in Interfield’s Continued Success

    1. Over thirty years of experience (the company has been active in Houston since 1975).

    2. Excellent reputation due to our ability to perform with the best quality on a timely basis and at competitive prices.

    3. Early definition of the design criteria and factors that shape the projects’ conceptual and detailed designs.

    4. Thorough knowledge of codes and standards that impact project development.

    5. Highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the execution of Engineering Projects.

    6. Good understanding of our Clients’ needs, requirements and constraints.

    7. Interactive approach used for Quality Assurance and Quality Control for all project deliverables.

    8. Schedule, Quality, Safety, and Performance-Driven.

    9. Focus on Customers.


Why Should You Contract With Interfield?

Because of our “know how” and excellent reputation gained through more than 30 years of working experience in the Construction Industry.

Because we provide Integrated Engineering Design Solutions in total compliance with your project’s needs, and specifications.

Because we do understand our Clients’ needs and their projects’ requirements and constraints, and we are creative and responsive in our ability to produce innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Because we do pursue Quality, Safety, and the satisfaction and success of our Clients. This is not only our most important commitment to you, but also the secret to our continuous success.