With over 40 years of experience, Interfield is pleased to offer comprehensive planning, design, and overall project management services on a wide variety of project types, scopes and budgets.

Interfield has the capacity and experience to provide integrated project solutions to our Clients, and the resources available to execute immediately.

We provide in-depth experience and knowledge of the market sectors we serve, and is committed to keeping informed about current technologies, and regulations that govern those markets.

We are continuously striving for Efficiency and Productivity improvements, and perform our services while focused on Client’s safety, Quality Control and Quality Assurance in order to deliver added value to our Client’s business.

Interfield’s extensive in-house expertise includes residential, commercial, retail and light industrial projects; medical, institutional and government facilities; water treatment; electrical and mechanical design services; roads and bridges; hydraulic studies; drainage and flood control; and mitigation projects.

Our in-house disciplines include structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.

We also provide the following services:

    • Consulting;
    • Engineering Design;
    • Project Management;

By providing an effective integration of multi-discipline engineering capabilities, Interfield delivers value to its Clients in the form of competent, creative, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions in facilities design.


Interfield offers consultation services that include project feasibility, site analysis, project conceptualization, facility evaluation, and construction verification and certification.

These services are offered directly to Clients to assist them in their project planning processes, or in the form of third-party evaluations.

Engineering Design

Interfield provides integrated multi-discipline engineering services, and today is considered one of the Houston’s leading providers of civil and structural engineering in the real estate market.

We design all types of public and private buildings (residential, commercial, medical, industrial, etc.) and site facilities (infrastructure).

Our services include delivery of engineering solutions to typical as well as challenging project requirements, conditions and constraints. The integration of professional services under one roof avails Client of significant advantages in the form of coordinated, competent and time-sensitive solutions.

Project Management

Interfield offers services on a stand-alone basis to assist Clients in managing the entire sequence, including engineering design, documentation and permitting process.

Working closely with the Client and his professional team members, Interfield will conduct a value engineering program to identify and evaluate alternate materials, methods and systems, so as to optimize project value.